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CNC turning and milling

We are specialists in CNC turning and milling. Our production facility in Meerssen in The Netherlands is fully-equipped for manufacturing high quality precision components. Our CNC milling department can handle three or four axis projects. In the turning department we make use of ultramodern turning and milling cells with robot loading. These are single pass machines, ensuring accuracy and guaranteed production time. In addition, our CNC high definition plasma cutter will cut up to 60 mm steel products.

Focus on customer satisfaction

You will soon find that our customers take central stage. We are committed to provide short communication lines, fast delivery times and low cost prices. In many cases, minor changes to designs may reduce the cost price of products by as much as 15%. PartSupply is a small family business. We have a passion for metal and craftsmanship. To us, quality always comes first. We believe in improving customer satisfaction by providing smart solutions.

Low manpower production

PartSupply provides high quality products in a low manpower environment and in the shortest possible lead times. The low manpower working method that we developed increases quality and keeps prices low. The automation of machine settings is a quality that makes us extremely efficient in producing repeat products. We always draw up a detailed production file first. The costs of the additional preparation time are more than recovered by the extended lifespan of products.

PartSupply mechanical parts – technology



Combined machining

Our CNC machining cells machine your components in a single fixture. No additional machining on other machines is required. Most turning cells at PartSupply are equipped with sub-spindles that machine the other side of the product. This means much shorter lead times. We will deliver your products quickly.

Dimensions of products to be machined on sub-spindles at PartSupply: maximum diameter of 350 mm and about 400 mm long.

Our unique working method consists of our machines setting the exact position of the workpiece without the intervention of a robot and 3D probe. Quality at no extra cost, that is the strength of PartSupply.

Other operations

In addition to CNC turning and milling, PartSupply also offers the following machining: high definition CNC plasma cutting, taps, drilling, drifting, conv-turning, slotting, MIG/MAG/TIG welding, cutting, mounting, rolling, aligning, hard turning, notching, cleaning, measuring, soldering.  Follow-up treatments, including anodising, passivation, chromium plating, nickel plating, hardening and lacquering are carried out by our experienced and reliable partners.



The advantages of PartSupply


Proper use of resources

Specialists can lead by continuous investment in the latest technology. This provides customers with the assurance of the right resources and the most efficient work preparation for their products.


Smart solutions

We supply at highly competitive rates. Not by losing out on our margins, but by smart solutions. We reduce cost prices by careful consideration of the measuring equipment, machining conditions and the machining strategies we can use. Why not invite us for ideas for improvement or an integral cost price.


Only the best materials

PartSupply has over 30 years of experience in machining for a wide range of materials. Ferrous and non-ferrous, alloys and plastics. We only use the highest quality materials. Materials can be encoded or re-stamped on request. If desired, a 3.1 b certificate can be provided.


Short communication lines

To keep the lines of communication as short as possible, you will directly talk to the director on the phone or he will answer your mail about the status of production or delivery. A conscious and successful choice. Our processes run smoothly and extremely efficiently.


Smart Warehousing

Repeat products can be stored in the stock management system. So, you will never miss out. In addition, the articles can be supplied with article recognition. Articles are always traceable on order and article coding. The internal stock management system takes care of the automatic stock orders to the production.


Family business

When dealing with family business PartSupply you can rely on our commitment and steady company policy. Larger companies may change directors and policies every few years. We hold on to our passion and do what we are good at.

About PartSupply


Craftsmanship and metalworking are part of our DNA. With more than 30 years of experience, PartSupply supplies turning and milling parts for machinery and equipment construction.

Our well-equipped production facility in Meerssen shows our continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery. On the other hand, you may appreciate the genuine, old-fashioned reliability and direct contact with director Berry Nouwens:

“We are an honest and no-nonsense family business and 100% committed to smart, affordable solutions. Why not experience this for yourself and get in touch.”




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